Friday, September 18, 2009

I used to be quite thin!

When I signed up for my blog, I used a hotmail address. I was pretty happy with hotmail until I met Gmail, which was smarter, more handsome and more clever. I was smitten. So I turned my back on hotmail. Dropped it like a hot .. .well you know.

When I tried to switch my Blogger account to Gmail, Blogger wouldn't allow me to do it* so I had to continue to use the hotmail address to login. Sometime this summer, I forgot my blogger password, but because my blog account was linked to my by now inactive hotmail account, I couldn't get it reset.

I just remembered the password. This time, I'm going to write it down.

*Why blogger won't accept gmail accounts is beyond me. They are the same company.

I wish I could report having successfully lost the extra pounds that have weighed me down, but I'm about where I was two months ago.

Two days ago, I had to make a visit to my general practitioner because my allergy and asthma symptoms have been worse lately. Because my GP had a heavy day, I opted to be seen by one of her colleagues who had an appointment available. He was quite thorough, and he took a little time looking through my chart asking good questions like, "Do you really need pets?" and "Do you really need the Ambien?"**

After about a minute of flipping backward through time in my chart, he stopped suddenly and looked at me, "You used to be thin!"

Bastard. He was looking at my chart from 2001 when I was running marathons.

I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon.

**I most certainly do need it.

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MegS said...

We all used to be thin- surely it's normal to get a bit thicker as we age? Maybe you should move to the VI, where most people think thin women are just plain unhealthy looking.