Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 10: Hanging in there

M hasn't had a single accident since we potty trained on Monday. Of course, she hasn't pooped in the potty, either, so we are only part-way potty trained. I started her on Miralax yesterday, and she finally did have a BM during her nap today (I had put her in pull-ups hoping for this outcome because stool retention is a "thing to be avoided" according to our wonderful pediatrician). I'm hopeful that a few days of the gentle laxative will get things running which will give me opportunities to get her on the potty. This worked for E, and I can't see why it won't work for M. . . eventually.

This weekend, after I take pictures of the nursery (which I don't think I've ever done), we are going to convert M's crib into a toddler bed and redecorate a bit. Out with the jungle animals and in with pink and purple polka dots. I've kept her in a crib this long partly out of laziness, but partly because I dread her wandering. This is the child who, at fifteen months, climbed atop the kitchen table while I showered and who, at 16 months, learned to get out of the crib*. She has a knack for finding the single most precarious spot upon which to perch wherever we go, be it the edge of a steep retaining wall at my in-laws mountain house or the side of a duck pond. I shudder to think of what trouble she will find while we sleep. Still, with her third birthday six weeks away, it is time to move her.


Today I ran 2 miles and took the girls to a play date using the bike trailer rather than the car (very pleasant day for Coastal SC in July). I mainly stayed away from crappy food and tried to focus on filling, healthy foods.

Though 2-3 miles is about as far as I have been going, partly because of the heat, partly because of my spinal issues and party because of laziness, I'm going to push myself tomorrow to go 5 miles even if I need to alternate walking and running to do so. I keep thinking about signing up for a December or January half-marathon. Part of me thinks that this is exactly what I need in terms of a mental and physical challenge, but the another part of me thinks this is crazy talk given the previous spinal fusion and the new, but currently stable, herniated discs. Then there is my recently diagnosed hernia to consider. . . Crap. I'm getting old.

*Now we shall sing the praises of the crib tent.


marie said...

1/2 way is better then no way :) good job M!

Anonymous said...

hi there,
I just happened upon your blog after I was googling ( I think I typed in clomid challenge test and high fsh). I couldn't figure out how to email you directly, so I thought I'd comment. I am happy to hear about your successful pregnancies and was wondering how "bad" your fsh was? I wonder if it would give me any hope...? Things are looking pretty grim around here every since I visited with my RE (who I think you also must have seen--I'm also in coastal SC).

Em said...

Hi Marie! I obviously fell off the blog wagon.

Hi Anonymous--I am sorry I haven't checked in here in a while. If you are still lurking, my fsh was 25. I'm sorry to hear about your test, but I'm convinced that REs put too much stock in one test. There is a great high FSH board at this URL: There are a ton of women in the same position who have a ton of information.

My RE (in Mt. Pleasant) was willing to monitor me if I wanted to work with an out-of-town doctor. I was planning to work with SIRM.

I'll try to remember to check in more often. Good luck.

仔仔 said...